Team selection v Met Police 26th Sept 2009

Team selection v Met Police 26th Sept 2009

By Iain Metters
25th September 2009
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Meet at 1.45pm at the Griffin. This is a league fixture, dress code applies. I'm sure Russ will have something to say during fines if you forget this.

Alex Pickard
Russ Avery
Vin Lawson
Dan Broadhead
Andy Scott
Mike Stephenson
Dave Ball
Filip Mikus
Simon Spink
Tom Ashley
Dave Philips
Vin's friend
JY (?)
Dan Harmsworth (?)
Mini Me (?)
Pete Moore (?)

We will select the team in the morning as we are still waiting on confirmation from a number of players. Any problems or questions to Russell (07787 803413 / Those who have yet to confirm availability could you also please let Russ know asap.

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